Innovative Materials | ECO Vegan Leather 

Taking inspiration from the automotive industry we have developed unique materials that not only look and feel great, but also have significant benefits.

The majority of modern vehicles are now equipped with full leather interiors. Leather is a preferable choice of material because it has significant benefits which out weight traditional fabrics :


Traditionally fabric car seat covers are difficult to remove and wash. As such most parents will not / rarely wash the covers of their car seat. Over time germs and dirt gather which then become a significant health risk to children. Our unique ECO leather has been developed to imitate the easy clean features that leather has. Simply clean of any dirt with a baby-wipe, water or antibacterial spray.


Getting children out of their nappies and potty trained is a significant challenge for most parents with many accidents along the way. Traditional car seats are made from fabric which instantly soak with urine. Furthermore the underlying foam quickly soaks also. Although fabric covers can be removed and washed, the foam under the seat cannot. As such the smell remains. Bad odours represent bacteria and thus the car seat becomes an unhealthy unusable item.

Our unique ECO leather is waterproof and treated with a special natural bee wax that creates a nonporous surface. In the event of an accident or spillage the liquid simply runs of and can easily be cleaned.


Our materials have been designed to cope with the worst of incidents. In the event of a fire, the material with delay burning allowing you take your child out of their car seat without it instantly setting alight as traditional car seats would.


BEBYLUX Model 1 car seats have various layers of padding that can be taken out as your child grows. These fabric covers are made from a special fabric known as Dupont Serone. The fabric is an eco fabric made with natural materials. Its extremely soft and durable and can easily be cleaned.